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There’s something about a planner…

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That has me feeling introspective. Believe me when I say that I have a planner for everything; from meal plans and workouts, to tasks and travel plans. I guess this has something to do with owning a stationary store, or having a type A personality. There’s a hard to describe satisfaction in setting goals for the day or even the week, and crossing them out.


It’s funny though- my goals have always been short term. I’m very organized, but I am very much a live for today kind of person, this goes for personal finances and five -year goals alike. I plan to save, save to spend, and spend most of my planning on the now. I’m very fickle with the future.


All of this unraveling of plans and purpose came to me as I eagerly unpacked my new happiness planner. The 52-week planner is ingenious, and so well crafted for goal crushing. I was beyond eager to plan my week. But before permitting access to the weekly plans, it asks you to kick off your shoes, lay on a couch and talk about your goals. This part is aptly named the happiness road map.


The first road to happiness: is self-discovery. Here’s where I admit, I’m geographically challenged, and evidently that translates to metaphorical maps too… I was lost. What do I want to achieve in 52 weeks? I haven’t the slightest idea!


So I took to some soul searching, more like surfing and compiled a list of inspirational quotes and talks that bring me closer to my one year plan. Here is the condensed version, I hope you find it helpful:


  1. Ironically I’m starting off with an anti-plan quote. I don’t want this exercise to make me forget that life happens in between the goals you set for yourself. By all means make a plan, and pursue it, but let it not be your end all and be all. You must never lose sight of the wonderful now. The artist Marina Abramović said it beautifully: “To me it is really important to live in what I call the spaces in-between. Bus stations, trains, taxis or waiting rooms in airports are the best places because you are open to destiny, you are open to everything and anything can happen”
  1. It is never too late. Did you know that Julia Child released her first cookbook at age 39, and got her own cooking show at age 51? I didn’t. For more late career bloomer inspiration check this out.
  2. Remember that the long run is made up of a collection of short runs. Choose wisely. Seth Godin gets it right every time.
  3. Ted Talks are always such a source of inspiration. This one in particular hit home: Scott Dinsmore: How to find work you love. Around 80% of the people he has sat down with and asked “why are you doing the work your doing?” to have went on to quit their jobs, and purse their dreams.
  4. In his ted talk her recommends this book to identify your strengths. I am excited to get myself a copy.
  5. You’re capable of anything you set your mind to. “When your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really only 40 percent done.” A Navy SEAL lesson told by Jesse Itzler.
  1. For a little more inspiration : A list of the most creative people of 2016. These people had a hand in shaping the apps and tools that surround us.

     Humor me, I want to talk about your goals I’d really love your feedback!

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  • Haya,

    Rehab centers are for people with addictions they have to kick. I think our obsession is perfectly healthy!

    I hope you achieve your goal & keep reading the post-it (I bet it’s marble) to remind yourself to keep going.

    Asrar on
  • Hello Asrar,

    Thank you four kind compliments. You always manage to make our day :) Lol we should start a stationary rehab center for the stationary addicts. But wait don’t sobriety centers have 12 step programs? Wouldn’t we need to write that down somewhere??? Terrifying!

    Jokes aside, your comment is inspiring! I actually wrote down “the future is exciting” in a post-it to remind myself not to be wary of whats to come. i’m happy to say though that since writing the post last week I have come up with a three month goal for myself – ( i know thats not too far off in the future, but I have to start somewhere hehe)-

    I hope your week is wonderfully productive and joyful ,

    Haya on
  • It’s exciting that you have started a blog! I’ve only started to read this post, but looks like I’ll be on here more than I usually am to start reading, lol.

    I thought I was the only one addicted to planners, planning & stationery in general. It’s good to know there’s more of us out there.

    I’ve always had to compromise when it came to the daily agenda though! I either found one that was exactly right, but didn’t plan the day by timings, or one that was perfect on the inside, but just not my style on the outside.

    Unlike you, however, I find the future exciting! I find it hard to remind myself to live the moment & I’m always eager to start a new project. I constantly have to speak to myself these days & actively try to to “chillax.”

    Interesting links & a lovely post.

    Keep blogging (:

    Asrar Al Awadhi on

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